The tasks reserved for your company secretary! 

A company secretary is countable for several tasks in a firm. The tasks are done regularly and the secretary only is accountable for those tasks are classified as Routine Secretarial Services. The secretary will be the central administrator in charge of several administrative and reporting duties. He will assist with the provisions such as the filing of annual returns, recording, and filing of board resolutions as well as other corporate compliance matters with ACRA.

In addition to regulating and ensuring compliance with pertinent legal regulations, a competent company secretary in Singapore like the company incorporation service provided by Heysara who support the Company Secretarial Services moreover has the following responsibilities:-

Board Meetings

Co-coordinating the procedure of the company’s legal decision-making and documenting machinery; developing meeting plans with the chairman or the chief executive; attending meetings, taking minutes; maintaining minute books; and ensuring that correct procedure are followed.

General Meetings

Originating and obtaining internal and external agreement to all documentation for circulation to shareholders; co-coordinating the administration and attending of conferences, taking minutes, and assuring that exact protocol is followed.

Company Constitution

Assuring that the company acknowledges its constitution and drafting/incorporating modifications following exact protocols.

Maintaining Statutory Registers and Books:-

Statutory Returns

Updating ACRA on:-

  • any differences in the directors of a firm or attributes associated with the director(s)
  • modifications to a directors name or residential address
  • disposal from office in accord with the Singapore Companies Act or the constitution
  • disqualification from clasping office
  • appointments/resignations/deaths
  • annual return
  • modification of company name
  • adoption, substitution, and cancellation of a constitution
  • topic of shares
  • any other modifications that need updating with ACRA

Report and Accounts

Organizing the publication and distribution of the firm’s annual report, accounts, and interim announcement, and the preparation of the directors’ summary.

Share Registration

Conserving the company’s register of partners, dealing with transfers and different matters influencing shareholdings, and dealing with queries and petitions from shareholders.

Shareholder Communication

Conveying with the shareholders (i.e. through circulars), payment of earnings and interest, allocating documentation considering rights issues and capitalization stuff, general shareholder connections, and relations with institutional shareholders and their investment protection councils.

Shareholder Monitoring

Monitoring modifications within the register of partners to specify an apparent ‘stake-building’ in the firm’s shares by probable takeover bidders and giving rise to inquiries of partners as to helpful ownership of possession.

Share and Capital Issues, Transfers, and Restructuring

Enactment of changes in the hierarchy of the company’s share and loan capital and devising, enforcing, and conducting directors’ and workers’ share participation strategies.

Acquisitions and Disposals

Participating as a main partner of the company team ascertained to execute corporate accessions and removals, conserving the company’s interests by guaranteeing the cogency of all documentation and that due diligence disclosures enable reasonable commercial examination previous to fulfillment of a transaction.

Corporate Governance

Reviewing growths in corporate administration and advising and helping the directors concerning their responsibilities and duties, compliance with their commitments under company law and, if acceptable, Stock Exchange requirements.

Company Seal

Assuring the safe supervision and adequate use of the company seal if furnished for in the company constitution.

ACRA Compliance Alert and Reminders

HeySara will deliver reminders to you on documenting deadlines and compliance consequences.

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